Traveling with a disabled person

Today we are going to go over some basic tips when it comes to traveling with a disabled person.

When you do things with a disabled person, one of the things that you will learn quickly is that disabled people usually need to do a bit more planning when it comes to doing just about anything. Do you want to go see what’s at the top of that hill? How are you going to get your disabled friend up there with you? Do you want to run grab something to eat? Is your disabled friend going to go with you, or are you going to get the food and bring it back to so you can share?

  • Anyway, here are some things you might want to consider before you travel with a disabled people. First, driving can wear anyone out, but it is probably even more true for those of us who are disabled. You will want to talk to your friend about this before you plan any trips together.
  • Are you going to need special things when it comes to the the places you might stay? Are they going to need a special bed? Will they need a special place to plug in their power chair? Are they on any special diet that you’ll need to take into consideration?
  • You will also need to consider their stamina. You may be excited about a place you are going, and want to spend all your waking hours out there exploring. That might be harder on your friend than you might realize. They might need sometime to chill out in the room, watching a movie or something like that.

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