More on cruise evenings

Let’s keep looking at some things that you might want to spend the evenings on your cruise.

  • Most cruises these days have themed parties which you can participate in if you choose to. I know that Disney does themes like Star Wars Night or Pirate Night. You will find dance parties that last all night in the ship’s night clubs. You might even find some ballroom dancing.
  • There might be an evening or two where you will want to do nothing more than relax in front of a good movie. You will be more free to do that in the comfort of your cabin. Most ships will also have movies that you can enjoy with a large group.
  • Some ships will also have a bowling alley. Or they could have an ice skating rink. Some might even have a golf course on board.
  • And of course, there will also be beautiful pools where you can hang out. Take a dip and cool off after a long day exploring. Or enjoy getting to know the other guests.
  • With all of this to do, you might forget one important thing. You are going to need to sleep at some point in your cruise. You will want to be fresh for the full days.

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