Choosing your first cruise

I’ve been working on some writing stuff today. We’ll see how everything goes on that. But let’s get on with this. When it comes to choosing which cruise you are going to take as your first cruise, you may be overwhelmed at the choices you have. Let’s look at some things that might help

  •  Please talk to me about going on your first cruise. I can help guide you through all the questions you might have to make sure you have the best cruise. I know the way questions to ask to help get you what you want. And I make money when I book cruises. You won’t owe me another dime.
  • One of the big things about cruises is that the more you pay up front, the less you’ll have to pay once you are on board your ship. You will want to keep that in mind. Some cruises are going to seem awful cheap. But they are going to nickel and dime you to death.
  • You may want to start by going on a three or four day cruise just to make sure you like them. These cruises will leave from and return to the same place which will make everything easy.
  • You will not need to worry about getting seasick on a cruise. Most ships are now built with stabilizers which are going to go a long way to help you. For those that are particularly prone to this ailment might want to buy some. You can also pay to get a shot once you are on board.

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