You may need a vacation if… #1

I am going to be taking a long weekend this weekend. I know I will not be doing this Friday or Saturday, and actually we will have to see how things go all of next week. This subject kind of caught my eye, kind of feel in need of a vacation myself. I am keeping pretty busy between work and my class. We are going to be with extended family this weekend, and I can hardly wait.

Do you even remember the last time you took a vacation? A lot of Americans think they can forego vacations. To some, it’s a luxury they simply don’t feel like they can afford. Others feel like they can not time off of work. Still others love being in their own homes and don’t want to leave their comfortable lives. But what are some signs that you really need to take a break. Let’s look at some today.

  • Work always causes stress. You may not know you are stressed, but your body does. How is it trying to tell you? You may keep getting headaches. Your back might hurt for no apparent reason.
  • Or you may not be in any physical pain at all, you just do not feel like doing anything. The job you love now only seems to annoy you. You don’t want to do anything that usually excites you. You can not find satisfaction anywhere you turn.
  • You may be having problems sleeping. You can’t seem to turn off your mind. And this does nothing to help your lack of motivation.
  • You may be making mistakes at work. And that is never a good idea. You might be getting yelled at by your boss, which will do nothing good for your stress level.

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