You may need a vacation if… #2

let’s keep looking at some signs that you may be ready to get on a vacation sometime soon.

  • You may be reaching for your favorite junk food too often? Do you find yourself stopping for at fast food places more? Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner on the weekends. Well, it used to be the weekends, but now you are rretching for wine most every night. And working out? You used to be great at it, but now you’re skipping your routine more and more.
  • You are seriously not trying to sabotage your career, are you? Hardly anyone sets out to do that. But you might be becoming so irritable that you are picking fights at work. Or you might be running late more and more.
  • Problems that usually seem like no big deal now seem to totally derail you. You can’t seem to figure anything out. Nothing makes sense to you right now. And you can’t seem to get a healthy perspective on anything.
  • It seems like all you do is work. You get up and go to work, and then when you do come home, you can’t seem to stop thinking about work. You’re too tired to do anything except work. You don’t want to do all of the things that you usually love, you’re just too tired.
  • You may be so stressed that you’re fighting with not only with coworkers, but also with friends and family that you love. Or you might just with draw from anyone and everyone.

If these signs describe you, please let me know at I would love to help you plan a trip.

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