What to wear on a cruise

In the old days, no one would go out of their state room unless they were dressed to the nines. Of course, this required a lot of packing, because you also could not wear an outfit more than once. But the cruise industry has evolved a lot over the years, and these days, you can wear whatever you want on a cruise. Today let’s look at how you should pack on a cruise.

  • First, let’s look at tips for women. Do you ever go to a country club? You should probably pack the kind of clothes that you should wear to the club on your cruise. Pack some nice tops and slacks that you can wear, and choose things that can be easily mixed and matched. You might want to take some dresses as well. You might want to take silk since it is lighter. You will want to remember that you are likely to spend a lot of time by the pool, so bring your swimwear, [throwing in several swimsuits is never a bad idea, wear one and leave the wet ones out to dry],and also be sure to take a couple of cover ups. Short shorts are going to be frowned upon when you go to dine remember you’re not going to be just on the cruiseship, you’ll also be visiting different places. Please be mindful of the cultures that you are visiting.
  • And now a word for the men. This is becoming less and less of a thing, but there is still such a thing as formal nights. On most ships, this is now an optional thing. But if you do want to participate, what should you wear? Take a suit you would wear to work. Some cruises allow you to rent tuxedos. The rest of the time you should be perfectly fine with nicer shorts and tshirts.

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