More on CocoCay

We are going to continue our discussion about CocoCay..

  • Does your family just love to ziplines? You are going to have your choice of a combo of that and the waterof landing on land or in water. You can also get a combo pack where you can do the zipline and go to waterpark in the same day
  • Are you looking for a new perspective? You might want to go in one of their hot air balloons.
  • You will also be able to rent different sporting equipment. And a spa is also available for when you want to relax.

Now let’s look at some of their complementary eateries.

  • The Chill Grill is the largest dining venue. They are going to serve everything from tacos to barbecue. And this is a casual eatery.
  • Another casual eatrey is Skipper’s Grille where you will find all your lunchtime favorites.


Have you heard? Private islands are really popular among cruiselines. If you are simply looking for fun in the sun, these islands are definitely the places you’ll want to be. Some of the cruiselines are at the place where they needed to renovatie their private island of CocoCay. Let’s look at some of what this island has to offer.

First, let’s go over a few basics. So this island is about 240 miles from Port Canaveraal, and only about 65 miles Nassau. You can only get there by cruise, and it is only for Royal Caribbean’s guests. You’ll need your SeaPass card to get on and off your ship. This card is also how you’ll pay for your food and drink. However, if you think you want to buy some things at their market, you will want to take some cash.

  • What is included when you come to this island? One of the new features on this island is Captain Jill’s Galleon which is a waterpark that has a lot of water cannons and slides. For children, there is Splashaway Bay which is full of sprinklers, pools, and water cannons and slides. Are you looking for an adult pool? You will want to try Oasis Lagoon, which is the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool.
  • Don’t mind paying for some thrills? If you love waterslides, you will want to try the Thrill Waterpark. Here you will find the most slides of any waterpark in the Caribbean. It also has the Caribbean’s largest wavepool. You can get into this park for under one hundred dollars.

We are going to talk about this more tomorrow.

Plan an inexpensive vacation

June will be here before you know it, and in June we are going to be celebrating Father’s Day. A lot of fathers work really hard to provide for their families. And sometimes fathers don’t want to spend anymore money than necessary. In light of that, we are going to look at some things you can do to plan an inexpensive vacation.

  • When you go on vacation and really want to stick to that budget you created for yourself, the first thing that you will want to do is to do some careful planning. You will want to figure out exactly where you are staying. Are you flexible on when you take your vacation? You can always find better prices when you go after everyone else leaves.
  • And when it comes to traveling inexpensively, do not overlook flying as a consideration. You can get some amazingly cheap planes. But when you think about that, you will also have to consider how you are going to get around once you reach your destination.
  • Eating out at restaurants can get quite costly. What my family usually did when we were going out of town and were not staying with family or friends is we would go to a grocery store and get food for breakfast and lunch, and then we would eat out somewhere for supper.
  • Okay, you know where you want to go. You have your hotel booked. And now you know what to do about food. But what are you going to do when you are on your trip? Sure, everyone is going to want to be at your hotel pool some of the time. But what else do you want to do. There are free things you can do in every city. There also coupon books that will have discounts on some interesting things you can do. You can usually find those online.

More on cruises

Let’s look at a few other things you might not want to forget on your cruise.

  • Unless you have a really crazy family like on the movie, “Home Alone”, you will not be forgetting your children. Hopefully they will make it point to remind you. But what are you going to do about your pets? Make a plan for them long before you are to leave on your cruise to have that that taken care of.
  • It is always wise to bring snacks on your trip. You never know what might happen along the way. I think my mother used to bring some kind of snack even when we were driving around town. Of course, there were eight of us, so someone was bound to get hungry. Have snacks that aren’t going to make such a mess.
  • And don’t forget to bring some of that old fashioned thing called cash. You never know when you might need that. You might want to tip someone, or need to take a cab somewhere, or any of things like that.

And now for some other cruise news.

  • Disney has been signing agreements for terminal right for twenty years and beyond. It doesn’t look like they’re planning to get out of the cruise business any time soon. Of course, when your cruises are always booked solid, why would you?
  • Carnival has done a makeover on one of their ships. It is now called the Carnival Sunrise. And its godsmother is the daughter of some bigwig in the Carnival Cooperation.

More cruise packing tips

You may have never been on a cruise. You may have been on ten. Either way, here are some things wise cruisers take on all their trips.

  • Okay, imagine this. You have finally gotten through all the long lines to get aboard your ship. You’ve unpacked and are ready to go play. Your problem? You promised your best friend you would take pictures of every single thing that you do. However, you do not have a device that is charged. Have everything you are taking on your trip fully charged before you leave.
  • And speaking of charging was, take your power strip with you. You likely will not find enough plugs to charge everything, especially if you are cruising as a family. And you do not want to spend your time fighting over who gets to charge what when.
  • Put this on your before you leave to do list. You will want to know what immunizations you have to have. You will want to know everything you have to have as you are booking your trip. But some immunizations are only going to be good sixty days before you leave or something like that.
  • Make sure to have your cruise tickets, your airline tickets, hotel reservations and anything like that all together in one place. It usually helps to have a folder where all of that stuff goes. You might want to take pictures of all of this on your smartphone as well.

Essentials on a cruise

I think that it was a couple of weeks ago that we talked about what clothes you need to bring on your next cruise. To sum that up, you should bring comfortable clothes that can easily mix and match, and don’t forget your underwear, and you should be good. But today are we are going to talk about some other things you need to bring on your cruise.

  • The first thing you need to do is to make sure of all of the documentation you need to bring. Will you need a passport? Might you need a visa as well? You will want to bring any important papers you need in your carryon to make sure you have everything. You will also want to take pictures of everything on your smartphones.
  • Okay, what medication are you on? You will want to bring that for sure. Yes, all ships are going to have infirmaries. But it is hard to tell which medicines they will actually have.
  • Some people want to give everyone they know FOMO and tell everyone they know about their trip. Other people don’t want to tell anyone. It is good to let at least one person you know your travel plans. Some cruises are going to ask you for a number of a friend who is not going on the trip with you in case of emergencies

Cheap destinations

All right, you have decided to go on vacation. But just because you’ve decided to go on vacation doesn’t mean that you know where you want to go. What you do know is that you are not made of money, and don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Read on to find out some places you might want to consider.

  • Atlanta is the first place this article mentions. I know they have a great zoo and a fantastic aquarium, and they also have a lot of nice museums you can visit. There is also a lot of shopping and a myriad of restaurants. A
  • nd next there is Detroit, and this is a great place to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. They also have great aquarium you can explore. And they do have a LEGOLAND. It looks they have several of those hidden room/adventure games you can play.
  • Kansas City is another destination that is very easy on the pocketbook. They have a great museum about World War Two and a museum about baseball. And you do not want to leave without trying their barbecue.

Even more travel tips

What do you do to get ready for a vacation? Do you read everything you can get your hands on about the place you are planning to go? Do you have a bucket list that you choose from. Or do you pick the cheapest place and then forget everything until it is time to leave?

  • You might want to do a little research. In some countries, America is revered, but other places do not like America. You will be wise to know how your destination feels. And if they don’t like us, why don’t they like us? Are there habits they can’t stand? You should know at least that much.
  • Do you want to have to buy every single thing that you eat and drink? Even when I go out of the country, I take snacks in my suitcase. And don’t forget to bring that waterbottle.
  • You can choose. You can pay a lot for your entertainment. But there is also a lot you can do that will cost you nothing. You just have to do a little research.
  • Remember that you are on vacation. You do not want to be on your phone like you are the rest of the time. Make yourself put your phone down and enjoy your vacation and the people you’re with.
  • Life happens. Sometimes it rains when you would like to be outside.. Or the place you wanted to explore could be closed for any number of reasons. Have backup plans.

More travel tips

Today let’s look at some more travel tips.

  • You are going on vacation. You are not going to need everything that you think you might need. You are going to be busy having fun and relaxing. Take comfortable clothing, and clothing that is easy to wash in your hotel sink. Limit yourself to one device for each person is going on the trip.
  • But be sure to take the things that you know you will need. Take any medicine that you are going to need. Figure out all the papers that you are going to need, and put those in a folder which you will want to know where that is at all times. And do not forget to bring your chargers.
  • People like to do different things on their vacations. Some like to be busy the whole time. Others like sitting beside the pool with a good book at least part of the time. Do some planning, but make sure everyone is free to choose what they do.
  • Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. It is usually best to book your trip well before you are to leave. And read the fine to print sure that you don’t run into any surprises along the way.
  • It used to be that you wanted to be sure to have plenty of film. Now you want to be to know sure to have your camera’s memory cleared before you start on your trip. Put everything on your computer. You won’t want to have to worry about limiting your pictures. I know that most everyone has gps on your phones. But you want to have some kind of back up plan. Print out directions to the places you know you want to go to. And take a map.

Vacation tips #2

Trips are like everything else in life, you can’t prevent every single thing from going on, but you can do some things make things go better. Read on for some more tips that will help you.

  • Consider using a travel agent. Personally I charge nothing over and above what your vacation costs. I can help you do all the planning you want to do.
  • You do not want to forget your electricity adapter. A lot of countries are going to have different voltage than we do. Their plugs work differently than ours. Be sure to take something that will charge all your devices.
  • I’ve said it before, but you can’t plan away every emergency that might come up on your vacation. That is the reason that we have travel insurance. They will help you when things go wrong on your vacation.
  • Pay attention to your credit cards. Do you know which ones will give you money back on the different things that you will need on your vacation. Credit cards are tools, use them wisely.
  • Some places simply will not take credit cards. Make sure you take cash, or can get it easily.