Vacation tips #2

Trips are like everything else in life, you can’t prevent every single thing from going on, but you can do some things make things go better. Read on for some more tips that will help you.

  • Consider using a travel agent. Personally I charge nothing over and above what your vacation costs. I can help you do all the planning you want to do.
  • You do not want to forget your electricity adapter. A lot of countries are going to have different voltage than we do. Their plugs work differently than ours. Be sure to take something that will charge all your devices.
  • I’ve said it before, but you can’t plan away every emergency that might come up on your vacation. That is the reason that we have travel insurance. They will help you when things go wrong on your vacation.
  • Pay attention to your credit cards. Do you know which ones will give you money back on the different things that you will need on your vacation. Credit cards are tools, use them wisely.
  • Some places simply will not take credit cards. Make sure you take cash, or can get it easily.

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