Cheap destinations

All right, you have decided to go on vacation. But just because you’ve decided to go on vacation doesn’t mean that you know where you want to go. What you do know is that you are not made of money, and don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Read on to find out some places you might want to consider.

  • Atlanta is the first place this article mentions. I know they have a great zoo and a fantastic aquarium, and they also have a lot of nice museums you can visit. There is also a lot of shopping and a myriad of restaurants. A
  • nd next there is Detroit, and this is a great place to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. They also have great aquarium you can explore. And they do have a LEGOLAND. It looks they have several of those hidden room/adventure games you can play.
  • Kansas City is another destination that is very easy on the pocketbook. They have a great museum about World War Two and a museum about baseball. And you do not want to leave without trying their barbecue.

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