More cruise packing tips

You may have never been on a cruise. You may have been on ten. Either way, here are some things wise cruisers take on all their trips.

  • Okay, imagine this. You have finally gotten through all the long lines to get aboard your ship. You’ve unpacked and are ready to go play. Your problem? You promised your best friend you would take pictures of every single thing that you do. However, you do not have a device that is charged. Have everything you are taking on your trip fully charged before you leave.
  • And speaking of charging was, take your power strip with you. You likely will not find enough plugs to charge everything, especially if you are cruising as a family. And you do not want to spend your time fighting over who gets to charge what when.
  • Put this on your before you leave to do list. You will want to know what immunizations you have to have. You will want to know everything you have to have as you are booking your trip. But some immunizations are only going to be good sixty days before you leave or something like that.
  • Make sure to have your cruise tickets, your airline tickets, hotel reservations and anything like that all together in one place. It usually helps to have a folder where all of that stuff goes. You might want to take pictures of all of this on your smartphone as well.

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