Have you heard? Private islands are really popular among cruiselines. If you are simply looking for fun in the sun, these islands are definitely the places you’ll want to be. Some of the cruiselines are at the place where they needed to renovatie their private island of CocoCay. Let’s look at some of what this island has to offer.

First, let’s go over a few basics. So this island is about 240 miles from Port Canaveraal, and only about 65 miles Nassau. You can only get there by cruise, and it is only for Royal Caribbean’s guests. You’ll need your SeaPass card to get on and off your ship. This card is also how you’ll pay for your food and drink. However, if you think you want to buy some things at their market, you will want to take some cash.

  • What is included when you come to this island? One of the new features on this island is Captain Jill’s Galleon which is a waterpark that has a lot of water cannons and slides. For children, there is Splashaway Bay which is full of sprinklers, pools, and water cannons and slides. Are you looking for an adult pool? You will want to try Oasis Lagoon, which is the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool.
  • Don’t mind paying for some thrills? If you love waterslides, you will want to try the Thrill Waterpark. Here you will find the most slides of any waterpark in the Caribbean. It also has the Caribbean’s largest wavepool. You can get into this park for under one hundred dollars.

We are going to talk about this more tomorrow.

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