More on CocoCay

We are going to continue our discussion about CocoCay..

  • Does your family just love to ziplines? You are going to have your choice of a combo of that and the waterof landing on land or in water. You can also get a combo pack where you can do the zipline and go to waterpark in the same day
  • Are you looking for a new perspective? You might want to go in one of their hot air balloons.
  • You will also be able to rent different sporting equipment. And a spa is also available for when you want to relax.

Now let’s look at some of their complementary eateries.

  • The Chill Grill is the largest dining venue. They are going to serve everything from tacos to barbecue. And this is a casual eatery.
  • Another casual eatrey is Skipper’s Grille where you will find all your lunchtime favorites.

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