Travel tips #1


I know that I have said this before, and no doubt will say again, but as much as we don’t to think about it, things can go wrong when you are on vacation. Life just works like that. I write posts like this to help educate you.

  • The first tip is to be flexible. Weather happens, and flights don’t get out on time. Hotels have things that break that break just like anyone else that has property. You may want to go to an amusement park, only to wake up and find that it is going to  the entire day. Learn to laugh at the things that go wrong. Enjoy the times of waiting with your family. Traveling by yourself? Take a good book or several.
  • I know travelers that keep a packing list of everything they might. They keep a copy on their computer. And then go through that list every time they pack. Sure, there will be some that you’ll want and others that you’ll want to leave behind. But a list will help you think through everything that you may need.
  • English is going to be spoken in a lot of places that you will go. But learning even a tiny bit of their language is going to help you earn their respect. Learning as little, thank you, and I’m sorry is enough most of them smile.
  • Be prepared. Bring that extra camera battery. You never know when you might see the most gorgeous scene in your life and want to take that picture.

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