More travel tips


When you travel, there are so many things you have to remember and think. I write posts like this one to get thinking in the right directions.

  • Especially if you are cold natured, you are going to want to take some kind of wrap for when you get cold. I know that I get cold in a lot of public places. Of course, if you can find a wrap that’s black or gray, you won’t look so silly when you wrap up. You might also want to take a wrap to countries where modesty is an issue.
  • Traveling outside the country is always going to require that you have paperwork with. You will want to make a couple of copies and keep them in different places. And take a picture of all your important paper with your phone, so that you will have that copy as well.
  • Did your Mama not tell you to make sure you had clean underwear? You can never know what might happen. It never hurts to bring a few extra pair.
  • If get into hurry a to pack, you end up wearing all black or all gray. And that might not be too bad, until you start looking at all your pictures. Then it might get a little embarrassing.

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