And more travel tips

Maybe you are just starting out on your travel adventures and have no idea what you are doing. Maybe you’ve traveled some, but still don’t know what you are doing. Read on for some tips that will help you they travel like an expert.

  • Always put the things you know you will need in your carry on. Pack at least one extra change of clothes, and maybe a couple pair of underwear in there. By all means, put all of the important documents in there. And don’t forget to put a toothbrush in there. You may also want to bring along some lotion, putting some of that in your carryon as well.
  • It is always a good idea to find out the price of the public transportation before you get on board. You may be quite surprised by how much you may end up paying for such transportation.
  • You do not want to drink much on a flight, and when I say drink I’m definitely talking about adult beverages. Drink water and juice to keep yourself hydrated. It is a good bright for your health, and being well hydrated will also help you with jetlag.
  • You are traveling around, seeing all kinds of new things, eating all kinds of new foods. You might have trouble remembering your room number. Put it in your phone.
  • The locals do not bite, and you’ll probably find one or two that speak English. Ask them where the best restaurants are. Ask them the best places to watch the sun rise or set.



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