Memories of a large familyx

We’re keeping my little nephew, and I know that this makes a lot of extra work for Mom. And she has asked me a time or two if having him makes me think of the times when we had all of my siblings home. I guess that in a way it does. But in a lot of ways it is different too.

I had not turned two when my first sister came. But I was nine and she was seven when our next brother came. We were thrilled that Mom was having a baby. Most of our church friends had bigger families, at least four children, and several families we knew had their own four and then were starting to adopt. I loved becoming more and more like other families.

My sister that was next to me was a big help to Mom. And Mom would teach the little ones to do little chores around the house, things like putting the silverware away from the time they were very young. I’m guessing that they were around two.

My sister and I were In public school for a couple of years after the other children started coming along. And we were in school at home for about two years before Mom started doing school with them. Eventually my sister and I would do most of our schoolwork together.

I think the littler kids played outside a lot more than I did. I loved to read even then. But I would sometimes go watch everyone play. Or my sister would take me on walks. When my parents went out to evening meetings or on dates, that was the time we would get to watch movies. Usually we’d watch some cartoons and then something we older kids liked better.

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