Tips for single parents

I have said over and over that anything might happen while you are on vacation. And obviously, the same can be said for life. When I talk about families, I am usually thinking of a husband and wife and their children. But everyone knows parents who are on their own because of a divorce. My family knows a woman whose husband was killed. She and her young daughter do a lot of traveling together. This post is for single parents.

  • You are going to want to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. Know where you are going to be staying. Does your hotel or resort have a shuttle from the airport? If not, you are going to want to figure that out before you leave.
  • No one has to tell you that parenting is a full time job. You are going to want sometime with your children to be sure, but you are also going to want some down time too. That is what vacation is for, you know.
  • If you don’t go somewhere that has childcare provided, you might want to consider taking a teen that might help you. Find one with a funny disposition, so that they won’t bring you down. Or you could consider bringing one of your adult friends to help you. And you can take turns watching your children.

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