More East Coast destinations

I would love to know where you enjoy vacationing? Do you and your family love to rent cabin in the mountains, spending your days hiking and biking, and your evenings cozy in the cabin, playing games and watching movies? Or are you more beach people, having fun in the sun during the day, and partying at night? Today we are going to take a look at some more East Coast destinations.

  • Let’s start with White Mountains, New Hampshire.. This place has several smaller theme parks that you and your family will likely enjoy. This is also a great place to go hiking and biking.
  • Anapolis, Maryland has a little something for everyone. They have a beautiful waterfront and some fantastic restaurants you will not want to miss out on. You will be fascinated by all of the maritime history they have here. And you will also love their historic charm.
  • Or you might want to visit South Carolina’s Lowcountry where you can visit some of their historic cities. I’ve heard that Charleston and Savannah are both excellent places to visit. Make that drive and stop wherever you feel like it.
  • Have you heard about Florida’s space Coast? Certainly you’ve heard of Orlando where all the major theme parks are. This area also has a lot of great beaches your family can enjoy. And while you are down there, you might want to visit the Space Center at Cape Canaveral.
  • Green Mountains, Vermont is kind of like White Mountains. It too is an excellent place to hike and bike. There are rivers and waterfalls that you and your family will enjoy. It is also just a charming place to visit.

East coast destinations #1

I have always lived on the east side of our fair country. And I may be prejudiced, but I absolutely love it. I love seeing green everywhere I go. I love being able to look out and see the mountains somewhere in the distance. I love our lakes and rivers. Today let’s look at some East Coast destinations that you may want to check out.

  • Bar Harbor, Maine has plenty for anyone to enjoy, but it is especially great for those love the great outdoors. Here you are going to have access to Acadia National Park. You will love their beaches and their ponds as well. You will also love their seafood.
  • Our nation’s capital is on the East Coast, and there is plenty to see and do here. Families will love our National Zoo and Smithsonian. There are all kinds of monuments here that you will want to check out. And you may so want to check out our government buildings and the White House.
  • Are you looking to soak up some New England charm? You might want to try Cape Cod, Massachusetts. You’ll love being at the beach and not getting so hot. You’ll also love exploring some of their villages and lighthouses.
  • And who can forget the Big Apple? What can’t you do here? You’ve find all kinds of interesting museums and memorials to explore. You will want to try and go to see a play on Broadway. And who can resist shopping at Times Square?

Tips for Ireland

Today I think we are going to look at how to plan a great trip to Ireland. Families are discovering that they like to go and see where their ancestors lived. I’ve heard that this is one of the greenest countries on earth. And your family might enjoy experiencing what a real Irish pub is like.

  • Are you a family that likes to be busy from sunup to late into the night when you are on vacation? Do you like making sure that you do and see everything available in that country? Is the point of your vacation to make everyone is stressed during a lot of the vacation? Or is the point to have quality time together?
  • Americans may think of Ireland as small, but it has a lot that you can see. And to get good family time together, you will probably want to rent a house that everyone can share and do day trip to see the things you want.
  • You will probably want to rent a car if you want to explore Ireland’s villages. Public transportation is mostly going to be in the big cities. Renting two vehicles is going to give you even more flexibility. It will allow the group to split up from time to time.
  • Your family is likely going to have a couple of people who like to do the planning. It’s a good idea to let them be in charge. They are likely the ones that are going to talk to me as the travel agent who books everything for you. But your whole family will want to sit down and talk about what kinds of things everyone hopes to get out of this trip. And the people planning everything should listen and make notes of everything. Do your best to make sure you meet everyone’s hopes.
  • You will want to plan a couple of activities that everyone in your family will do. This may include visiting some of the important spots to your ancestors. Or you might want to learn a new activities together. Destination weddings are all the rage these days. Is anyone engaged in your family? Or might anyone want to renew their vows? Everyone will want to get in on the special occasion. But you do not want every day planned down to the minute. Have some days where you just relax and have fun together.

And even more cruise tips

I know I am going to be taking some time off of work in August. I haven’t taken much time off, and feel the need to step back and relax. But today we are going at some more cruise tips.

  • Research the destinations that you will be going to on your cruise. You will not want to do that on your cruise. You won’t want to take time out of all the fun. And some cruises are going to have slower internet. You want to know which excursions you’re planning on doing, and also get a feel for how much you will be spending.
  • Your cruise crew expects tips. But are those tips already part of your fare? Will they be taken out of your onboard credit? Or are you going to need cash to reward your favorite crew members? You will need to know what is expected of you before you board. You should get a schedule for the following day in your room each evening. You will want to take a look at that, and at least get a rough idea of what you want to do.
  • Pack a bag that you will carry on to that ship yourself so you will be sure to have everything you want with you. They are going to help you with luggage, but it may take a rather especially on a large ship. Bring a change of clothes and your toothbrush. On your cruise, you will also want to bring your swim suit with you so you can relax beside a pool.

More cruise tips

We are going to look at some more cruising tips.

  • If you have not been on a cruise, you may have no idea how to choose which cruiseline to go with? I’ve explained this before, but the general rule is that the less you pay up front, the more you’re likely to pay once you board the ship. So if you cruise with someone like Carnival, they are going to want you to pay more tips, you’ll pay when you go some of their restaurants, and a lot of little things like that. When you go with someone like Holland America, you are going to pay more up front, but more will be included. and I’m pretty sure cruiselines like Viking and Cunard are going to charge even more, but give you even more once you board.
  • A lot of lines are going to have two to four day cruises so that you can test them out and see how you like it. This is perfect if you have never taken a cruise, or haven’t taken a cruise with that particular line. It will help you figure out whether you enjoy cruising without investing too much time or money.
  • Don’t worry about getting seasick. Most cruise ships are huge, and you are not going to feel a thing. But if you want to take some anti motion sickness medicine just in case, do that. The ships are going to have shots they can give you if you get desperate.
  • Most cruises have a range of time where you can board. They don’t want everyone coming on at once, that would be insane. But those who are new to cruising will want to get there as early as they can so they can get things figured out.

More on your first cruise


Yesterday we started discussed what you might experience if you were to go on your first cruise. Let’s continue that discussion.

  • Yesterday we mostly discussed that very first day. So now we are going to start with day two. You should have all your appointments set up and be able to relax and enjoy yourself. You should enjoying the time at sea as well as exploring the different ports of call.
  • Also, try doing a mix of family time and sending your children to the kids’ market club so you can enjoy some adult time. Ships will usually have some kind of was childcare in the evenings so you and your spouse can do some dates. Go have some nice dinners. Take the opportunity to go watch some plays, or go hang out in the clubs.
  • If you are on a seven day cruise, make yourself take sometime out from all of the fun to pack up. You will also want to make sure you agree with the charges they have on your account.
  • Ships really like it if you can be off the boats by eight in the morning on the day of departure. I’m guessing that the crew wants to do their clean up and preparation for their next guests so that they might be able to enjoy a little rest and relaxation themselves.

We are going to look at one more thing and get back to this part of the discussion tomorrow.

  • Especially when you go on a low end cruise, their goal is to keep your fare as low as possible, and then try to upcharge you at every turn. You will want to set a budget for yourself each day so that you are not spending more money than you thought you would on this trip. The things you are going to have to be careful of are gratuities, shore excursions, and souvenirs.

Advice for first time cruisers

We are always talking about cruises on this blog. But maybe you’ve never been on a cruise, or maybe you have a friend who has never been.

  • The first thing I’d recommend is talk to me about booking your cruise. You are not going to get the best deal, or the best cruise for you, without help. It can get confusing. I can help you navigate all of it by talking to you and asking you the right questions. And the cruiseline, along with anything else you might need, will pay me, so I charge nothing else.
  • You may be at sea most of your first day, but you will certainly not be bored. Most cruise ships are going to have plenty for you to do. There will be all kinds of sports you can participate in. They will have shows you can watch, and shops you’ll enjoy walking around.
  • That first day is the time to go to figure out when you are going to get your spa treatments and your reservations for the specialty restaurants. When you get to your stateroom, be prepared to meet your room attendant. This person is going to tidy your room, not once but twice a day..
  • You should be able to choose between fixed and flexible dining plans during the booking process. Your keycard which will also function as your credit card will list your dining times and table number. Go to the dining room and make sure that your table works for you.

Keeping in shape on vacation

Let’s look at some more tips on how to stay fit even when you’re on vacation.

  • You are going to be eating out some, even if you do hit the grocery store. Take your leftovers with you. Most restaurants are going to give you way more than you need anyway. Save that delicious food for another meal.
  • You need to stay hydrated even when you are on vacation. Many people carry water bottles with them wherever they go. You will not look weird if you start carrying one when you are on vacation. And when I’m talking about staying hydrated, consuming more adult beverages will work against you. Drink water and juice.
  • Most people take breaks from their diet and exercise plans when they are on vacation. You do not want to do that, because that will not help you readjust to life after vacation. Instead exercise while you are on vacation. Changing things will make your routine more fun and exciting. It may even inspire you to work harder once you are home.
  • Try new things. Maybe you want to try that exercise class being given at your hotel. I’ve always loved to swim, which can also be great exercise. Or you may want to try a new sport as a family.
  • Most people like to get as much as they can out of their vacation, which means they go and go and go. But most people tend to go and go when they’re home doing normal life as well. The point of any vacation is to have fun, yes, but it is also important to actually rest. Take the time to recharge.

Work out on vacation

Getting back from vacation is hard. You’re usually tired, but it is time to stop relaxing and having fun, and return to real life. You may reduce post vacation blues if you do some exercises and these tips might help you.

  • Start by making a plan. Does your hotel have a fitness center?? Is there A time of day where not busy with your family better yet, is there a time of day where your whole family can work out together? Make a plan to do some kind of exercise each day.
  • A lot of places have made themselves more handicapped accessible.. That should also make it nicer for everyone to walk around, making it less strenuous. Walking is a lot of fun, especially when you don’t have to be anywhere at any certain time.
  • If you are going to another country, walking around their grocery stores can be fascinating. You can find all kinds of interesting foods there. You might be able to make some interesting meals which can cut down on your costs too.


Acapulco, its very name sounds exotic. Today let’s look at this destination.

This is where the idea of resorts in Mexico first got started. This is a spot where you can have beach and mountains in the same proximity, which is quite lovely. You will want to keep in mind that there has been some crime in this area, so you will want to keep to the resort areas or with a group of some kind.

If you are looking for a great fun in the sun destination? This is a place that you may want to check out. Do you love water sports? You are going to find lots to do at the beach. But of course, you also have are the option to do absolutely nothing at all. There is a lot of nightlife you can enjoy.

Some of the top reasons to go are :

  • The cliff divers have been amazing guests for decades. You will love watching their daredevil moves.
  • I’ve mentioned the beaches before, but they are absolutely beautiful. And this is true whether you’re into water sports or just sit and look with cool drinks in your hands.
  • There are also some great places to fish if you like that kind of thing.
  • There are some great history and art museums that you might want to visit if you do get tired of the beaches.