Keeping kids happy on vacation #1

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing. But sometimes, they are anything but that, especially when traveling with young children. Let’s face it, they can get bored easily, they may not like the foods that are available on your trip, and they are going to get tired and cranky before you want to stop exploring your destination. Today we are going to look at some ways to try to keep the children happy on your vacation.

  • I know it is often easiest to placate your children with screen time, like your phone, any time there is a lull in the action, but you might not want to do that. But you know how it is, the more they get it, the more they want it. Besides, this is a family vacation. You’re supposed to be doing things together.
  • They are going to need guidance from you, no question, but let them make some of the decisions about your trip. This helps them get excited about things you’re doing. Let them pick some of what you do. Let them pick some of the restaurants you eat at.
  • They are going to get tired. Everyone is doing things they don’t normally do. Even if your children never nap anymore, you’ll want to plan some downtime each day. You may want to put on a a movie on that everyone enjoys. This will also give you the excuse to nap as well, and what adult doesn’t like to nap on vacation.
  • A couple on their own can decide to do whatever we want whenever they feel like it. But say you decide to go to the beach. Do you have sunscreen for everyone? Jesus are you prepared with drinks and snacks for everyone? Do your little ones have what they need to swim? And you will want to be prepared to swim even when you think it’s quite chilly. A lot of children love to swim and want to get into the water even when we adults think it’s ridiculous.
  • You might also want to consider bringing along someone beside you and your spouse and your children. Vacations make perfect times for dates. Maybe you want to bring along another family, and kind of trade off who watches the kids, and who has couple’s time. Want to take someone who will want very little couple time? Take your parents.were

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