Multi generational destination suggestions

I’m always talking about multi generational travel, and how good it is for everyone involved. But first, let’s discuss what it is for those that do not know. Multi generational travel is where a mother and father not only take their children on vacation, they also take at least one set of their parents, and maybe some of their siblings and their children as well. With families tending to spread out across the nation, and the world, these trips are a great way to keep families connected. Today let’s look at some safe places you might want to go on your next multi generational trip.

  • First of all, there is Ireland. Maybe your family has Irish blood, and everyone wants to take a look at where your ancestors came from. You will love the green pasturelands of this beautiful country. You’l also want to spend one evening in one of the pubs. You will definitely get a taste of Irish culture there.
  • Or you might want to try Finland. You will not find many places that you’ll want to hike. And you might be lucky and actually see the sun. But this is one of those very safe countries. This is a wonderful place just to relax. Did you know that France is one of the most visited countries in the world? They have a lot of great culture and art that you will want to explore. You and your family will also enjoy a lot of sightseeing opportunities. And you must try some of their cafe cafes.
  • Our United States made it this top ten list at number seven. When asked specifically what multi generational travelers might enjoy, they mentioned our beautiful beaches. Large families can enjoy beach time because there is so much for everyone to do there.
  • Does your family love to do sightseeing things together? You might want to try Italy. There is plenty of things everyone will want to try. And of course, everyone will lo

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