Destinations for families

Okay, you’ve made a decision, you are going to take sometime off from work and are going to take your family on vacation. Now that you have made that decision, you need to decide where you are going. Today let’s look at some more ideas for you.

  • I have heard nothing but good things about San Diego. You are going to find lots of beautiful beaches in this city. They also have a fantastic zoo, they have SeaWorld and museums that you might like. Adults might want to put their children down and enjoy some of their nightlife.
  • Are you looking for a city that has lots to do? You might want to try Orlando. If your family loves theme parks, this is the place to go. They also have a great downtown with shopping and museums that you might enjoy.
  • Orlando might be the theme park capital, but Wisconsin Dells is the place to go for water parks. You are probably thinking the same thing I did. Wisconsin has water parks, isn’t it a little cold up there for that? They are indoor water parks. You will also enjoy their live entertainment and delicious food.
  • Another place active families will love is Moab, Utah. This is an incredible place to go mountain biking or hiking. Would you like to go up in a hot sky balloon? This is a great place to do that as well.
  • Portland, Oregon is another fantastic destination for families. They have a great amusement park, they also have a zoo and some museums.

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