Keeping in shape on vacation

Let’s look at some more tips on how to stay fit even when you’re on vacation.

  • You are going to be eating out some, even if you do hit the grocery store. Take your leftovers with you. Most restaurants are going to give you way more than you need anyway. Save that delicious food for another meal.
  • You need to stay hydrated even when you are on vacation. Many people carry water bottles with them wherever they go. You will not look weird if you start carrying one when you are on vacation. And when I’m talking about staying hydrated, consuming more adult beverages will work against you. Drink water and juice.
  • Most people take breaks from their diet and exercise plans when they are on vacation. You do not want to do that, because that will not help you readjust to life after vacation. Instead exercise while you are on vacation. Changing things will make your routine more fun and exciting. It may even inspire you to work harder once you are home.
  • Try new things. Maybe you want to try that exercise class being given at your hotel. I’ve always loved to swim, which can also be great exercise. Or you may want to try a new sport as a family.
  • Most people like to get as much as they can out of their vacation, which means they go and go and go. But most people tend to go and go when they’re home doing normal life as well. The point of any vacation is to have fun, yes, but it is also important to actually rest. Take the time to recharge.

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