Advice for first time cruisers

We are always talking about cruises on this blog. But maybe you’ve never been on a cruise, or maybe you have a friend who has never been.

  • The first thing I’d recommend is talk to me about booking your cruise. You are not going to get the best deal, or the best cruise for you, without help. It can get confusing. I can help you navigate all of it by talking to you and asking you the right questions. And the cruiseline, along with anything else you might need, will pay me, so I charge nothing else.
  • You may be at sea most of your first day, but you will certainly not be bored. Most cruise ships are going to have plenty for you to do. There will be all kinds of sports you can participate in. They will have shows you can watch, and shops you’ll enjoy walking around.
  • That first day is the time to go to figure out when you are going to get your spa treatments and your reservations for the specialty restaurants. When you get to your stateroom, be prepared to meet your room attendant. This person is going to tidy your room, not once but twice a day..
  • You should be able to choose between fixed and flexible dining plans during the booking process. Your keycard which will also function as your credit card will list your dining times and table number. Go to the dining room and make sure that your table works for you.

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