More on your first cruise


Yesterday we started discussed what you might experience if you were to go on your first cruise. Let’s continue that discussion.

  • Yesterday we mostly discussed that very first day. So now we are going to start with day two. You should have all your appointments set up and be able to relax and enjoy yourself. You should enjoying the time at sea as well as exploring the different ports of call.
  • Also, try doing a mix of family time and sending your children to the kids’ market club so you can enjoy some adult time. Ships will usually have some kind of was childcare in the evenings so you and your spouse can do some dates. Go have some nice dinners. Take the opportunity to go watch some plays, or go hang out in the clubs.
  • If you are on a seven day cruise, make yourself take sometime out from all of the fun to pack up. You will also want to make sure you agree with the charges they have on your account.
  • Ships really like it if you can be off the boats by eight in the morning on the day of departure. I’m guessing that the crew wants to do their clean up and preparation for their next guests so that they might be able to enjoy a little rest and relaxation themselves.

We are going to look at one more thing and get back to this part of the discussion tomorrow.

  • Especially when you go on a low end cruise, their goal is to keep your fare as low as possible, and then try to upcharge you at every turn. You will want to set a budget for yourself each day so that you are not spending more money than you thought you would on this trip. The things you are going to have to be careful of are gratuities, shore excursions, and souvenirs.

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