And even more cruise tips

I know I am going to be taking some time off of work in August. I haven’t taken much time off, and feel the need to step back and relax. But today we are going at some more cruise tips.

  • Research the destinations that you will be going to on your cruise. You will not want to do that on your cruise. You won’t want to take time out of all the fun. And some cruises are going to have slower internet. You want to know which excursions you’re planning on doing, and also get a feel for how much you will be spending.
  • Your cruise crew expects tips. But are those tips already part of your fare? Will they be taken out of your onboard credit? Or are you going to need cash to reward your favorite crew members? You will need to know what is expected of you before you board. You should get a schedule for the following day in your room each evening. You will want to take a look at that, and at least get a rough idea of what you want to do.
  • Pack a bag that you will carry on to that ship yourself so you will be sure to have everything you want with you. They are going to help you with luggage, but it may take a rather especially on a large ship. Bring a change of clothes and your toothbrush. On your cruise, you will also want to bring your swim suit with you so you can relax beside a pool.

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