What not to do on a cruise

I am home, and ready to be back to work. I am getting through all my e-mail and things like that. I had a great vacation, and now I feel ready to get to some work.

What are you supposed to do on a cruise? We can boil that down to two things, relax and have fun. But today we are going to look some things that you should not do when you go on a cruise.

  • A lot of ships are going everything that they can to ensure that you do not get beach seasick. But if you do, please let someone know. They are going to have doctors that will be able to help you. Please don’t go on a cruise and end up in bed the whole time.
  • Do not just toss your trash overboard. There will be trash cans on board that you can use. The ocean is just too beautiful to put trash in.
  • I know you want to give all of your friends #fomo, but don’t sit on the edge of the rail. That is just dangerous. Use your camera’s zoom feature and things like that.
  • Don’t leave your balcony door open. Some kid is going to try to get into your room. They may take something or just make a mess.

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