More of what not to do on a cruise

You may have been on a lot of cruises before. These are things you may, or may not have thought of, before. Let’s ta look take a look.

  • I am always this, but things can go on when you go on vacation. You might get sick. You could lose your luggage. You might have an emergency at home, and you need to go home early. These are the kinds of reasons you might want to consider getting travel insurance.
  • Most ships these days do have wifi. You will not want to forget to connect your phone to that as soon as you get onboard. Either that or turn your phone complete off and leave it. You do not want to see the charges you may face if you do other than that.
  • Don’t be that person that gets up really early to throw a towel, or three over some pool chairs only to go back to bed. That is just rude. Enjoy the pool whenever you are actually there. But when you leave, take your things with you.

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