Flying with a disability


I love traveling when we are going to see family or friends. But I don’t usually love the actual travel time. Being in the car is fine, I like it better when we can listen to a book while we’re driving. It is less boring that way.Unfortunately, I can’t use my communication device unless I am in my w, and there’s not much I can do was to keep my mind busy unless I have my communication device  I do not fly often, but when we do it’s because we have another choice. It can be harder than you might think.I can usually get more than one seat which is nice when I want to stretch out. But I don’t do well with keeping those ear plugs in, which makes the watching the movies hard.  Let’s look at some tips that might help other people.

  • You are going to be able to borrow a wheelchair in a lot of airports. This must be nice for those that can walk some, but have trouble doing a lot of walking
  • If you do bring your wheelchair, they are going to have a form that you can fill out to help them know how to take care of it. This will help them know the things that will help them avoid doing damage to your devices.
  • If you do see some damage that they have done, it is best to let them know about it right away. You don’t want any questions about who did the damage. Besides, the quicker they know, the quicker they can fix everything.

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