What stewardesses wish they could say

I think every person has things they like about their job, and things that they wish they could not do. Today let’s get a glimpse into an air stewardess’s life and find out what they think about their work.

  • First, do you really need that extra soda or drink right away? There could be hundreds of people on one flight. They will have certain times that they will come around and ask if you want a. But they’re human too, and want to take a break from time to time.
  • Put your shoes on before you get up and walk around. You have no idea how dirty those planes can get. Yes, they do clean the airplane before the flight, but it is often not the best cleaning job in the world.
  • They care about their job and want to do well. But that does not give you the right to be rude or demanding. They are people , people who can only do so much Be nice to them, and they will be nice to you in return.
  • They are not going to be able to read your mind. You are one of about ten thousand people they serve each month. They are not likely to remember your preferences, even when you travel often. Give them grace.
  • not They usually don’t know anymore about what will happen when you experience delays. They don’t know whether you are going to be able to make up that time. It is better not to ask them.

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