Redeem your travel points over the holidays

First, I have another set of crazy days coming up. I’m hoping to keep working, but we’ll see how much I can do.

Anyone who has read this blog for long knows that I absolutely love the holidays. Well, I love most holidays, I’m not big on the celebration coming up in October, but anyway. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are coming up, aren’t those the real holidays. And if there is any time that everyone and his brother wants to travel it this holiday season. This is the one time everyone agrees  that you should take time off work. And these travel point places know that and make it harder for you to redeem your points. Today I am going to share some tips that should help you work around that.

  • You are going to want to start making your plans as early as you possibly can. And while part up is that you want to start saving points as early in the year as you can, it also means trying to make your plans at least six months before you  want to take your trip. I know this is too late to do this year, but try to do it next.
  • Start looking now for the less expensive travel date. Try looking at the week before Christmas. You may also be surprised at Day itself can be. The name of the game is to be flexible. Have people you’re trying to meet up withduring the holidays? Let them know how important it is to be flexible, and then do your best to figure everything out together.
  • And your flexibility needs to extend to more than just your dates. Consider several different destinations where you might want to go. And again, you are going to want to look for the very best deals

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