Some great romantic fall getaways

Fall is here. The children are settling into their school routines, and your parents have hinted that they might like the opportunity to do a little babysitting. You are not going to question that, your spring and summer were crazy, and having some time alone with the one you love sounds great. But where would you go? I might just have some suggestions for you today.

  • I have heard fantastic things about Savannah, Georgia. You might want to take a carriage ride on their cobblestone streets. Or you might want to take a moonlit walk in one of their parks. They have some great bed and breakfasts in that area.
  • Or you might want to vacation like our presidents in Martha’s Vineyard. If you enjoy looking at lighthouses, this is the place for you. You will ant to go explore some of their vineyards. You will want to stay somewhere on their lovely beach. And be sure to enjoy some of their seafood.
  • I know the perfect place for you if you are a couple who loves adventure. The place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You might enjoy riding horses. Wait a little longer, and you will be able to do some skiing. You also be near Yellowstone National Park.

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