More romantic getaways

It has been too long since you and your husband took a trip together, just the two of you. You have the kids covered by your parents. They will come whenever you call them, and your husband has agreed to take the time off of work whenever you let him know where you are going. You just need to decide where you are going and what you will do. I have some more suggestions for you.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico is always something of a romantic destination, but in the a it is especially beautiful because of all of the changing leaves. Enjoy the views on their ski lifts. You might want to take some cooking classes together. The city also has a lot of festivals this time of year.
  • Do you love going to the beach t? Maybe you went to a beach destination for your honeymoon? Do you want to try to recreate that feeling, but maybe without spending so much money? You might want to try Amelia Beach, Florida. Beside the beautiful beaches, you are going to find some fascinating museums and interesting festivals.
  • Are you looking for a bit of luxury? You might want to consider Lake Tahoe. They have a lot of ski resorts. If you go before the season starts, you might get a great deal, and you will have a better chance of getting all the spa treatments that you want.
  • Eureka Falls, Arkansas has a little something for everyone. They have hot springs. You are also going to be able to enjoy their fall foilage. And you will enjoy their historic district with all its shops and restaurants.

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