And more romantic getaways

And today we are going to look at some more romantic getaways.

  • We have talked about Asheville, North Carolina several times on this blog, but ear this city is a place called Black Mountain. Couples are going to love their charming downtown with all of the cute shops and restaurants and coffee houses. This place also has some great bed and breakfasts.
  • Is hiking something you love to do together? You might want to try the Pokonos mountains in Pennsylvania. You are going to love hiking in those beautiful mountains. You are going to find several lovely towns in this area.
  • Do you like the beach, but could care less about swimming? Go to Newport, Rhode Island. They have a lot of lighthouses and marinas. You will also find some gorgeous mansions around this place..
  • Is your main objective to see some great fall leaves? Consider visiting Montpelier. Stay at one of their bed and breakfasts, and enjoy walking through their historic districts.

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