Even more on Disney resorts

I’m sorry if the blog was rather short. I was trying to get a lot done in a little time. Anyway, let’s get back to our discussion.

  • Does your family go completely wild over animals? You might also want to try Animal Kingdom’s villas. You will get to see the animals right from your rooms. This is another great way to relax after long days at the park.
  • Do you think you might have an artist in the making? out their animation resort another value resort. They have the largest resort pool.
  • Is your family group made up of older people mostly interested in Epcott? You will want to try Disney’s Beach City Club Resort. This is especially true if your family is into waterparks. Their waterpark has slides, they have a lagoon and a lazy river. It sounds great for families of teens.
  • Do you like the sound of this also has villas. And here you will have access to things washers and dryers.

More on Disney resorts

Disney’s all star resorts are what they call their value resorts, and all are about the same. They are going to have multiple places where people can sleep.

  • Are your people into sports? Disney has a sports All Star that you will love. Kids will love running around on the football fields with huge helmets on. I think this may be especially nice after the long car ride. Their pool is surf themed. And they will have Mickey waffles for breakfast.
  • Their Animal Kingdom resort is deluxe, and as you might guess, is right beside Animal Kingdom. Here you can find multiple pools where you can relax at the end of the day?. And this is known as one of the quieter places on Disney.

Disney resorts #2

Disney has a lot of accommodations you can choose to stay in when you  go visit their parks. Let’s look at some more descriptions of. these today

  • They also have cabins at their wilderness resort. Again you are going to feel like you have stepped back into the Wild West. This is the perfect place if you want to go, and want to do a day or two at Disney, but would like to do other things on your vacation as well. Each cabin is going to have their own kitchen, living area, and bedroom. You can have your groceries delivered to you..
  • Are you looking for the cheapest way you can do Disney? have campsites where you can stay as well. Oh, this doesn’t mean that you will be out in the wilderness with nothing to do. You will have a pool with waterslide. And everyone sits around the Big campfire at night and roasts marshmallows.
  • Is your extended family looking to go to Disney World together? You might want to consider staying at Cooper Creek Villas. These places will have plenty of room for everyone here.
  • You are a young family. You don’t want to camp, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on lodging either. Try the Disney’s All Star Movies Resort. They have a nice pool and you will also be treated to nice desserts in the evenings.

Disney resorts

Disney does their best to ensure that everyone has what they want when guests come to visit them. The good news? Disney has a lot of choices when it comes to their resorts. The bad news? They have a lot of choices when it comes to their resorts. Let’s see if we can try to start untangling the web and make things a little clearer today.

First, why do you want to be sure to stay at a Disney resort and not another hotel close by? First of all, there is is Disney’s Magic Hour where only their resort guests are allowed in their parks. And okay, I need to be honest , Disney will overbook their ticketed guests, and sometimes they do not allow everyone who has a ticket into the parks. Resort guests are always allowed in. And now for some other reasons. Disney resorts have childcare and transportation. You will also get complimentary wifi at any of their resorts. Now on to the resorts themselves.

  • Bay Lake Tower is the closest to the Magic Kingdom. You could even walk to the main gate. Try to a room where you can see Cinderella’s castle. Doing that will allow you to see the fireworks each night without leaving your room. This is a Deluxe Villa, and you will enjoy luxuries like your own kitchen and living area.
  • Another Deluxe Villa is Boulder Ridge Villa at Disney Wilderness Lodge. Here you are only a boatride away from Magic Kingdom.  You will feel like you have stepped back to the American Wild West, but there will be amenities. You’ll has access to a washer and dryer, kitchen, living area and separate bedrooms. They will even have a heated pool for those traveling in the winter.

More packing tips

Let’s get back to looking at some more packing tips.

  • If it is important to you to look cute when you step off of that airplane, try to get some shut eye on your flight, and wear the right clothes. You will not want to wear anything that needs to be ironed. You are also not going to want anything that takes long to help dry.
  • If some of your clothing look worse for the not travel, don’t panic. There is a simple trick you can use. Take your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and treat yourself to a hot one. Wrinkles will come out.
  • When it comes to packing light, one thing you need to remember is that no one cares what you wear on vacation. Pack clothes that will go together. No one truly cares if you wear the same things more than once. You’re on vacation, be comfortable, relax, have fun.

Packing tips

When it comes to travel, one of the least favorite parts is packing. However, it is still something that you still need to do. Let’s look at some packing tips today.

  • Do not pack more than you need. You probably think that you’ll need more than you. For example, you may think that you’ll need those books, but yo. Something always comes up, and you’ll read far less than you mean to.
  • Lay out everything that you think you’ll need. Have you laid out two shirts that are nearly identical? Take your favorite one of those. Most people really do not need to take more than one pair of shoes.
  • You do not want to take a lot of bulky clothing. It will just make your luggage heavier than you want it. Pack your lighter clothes. And just because your clothes are light doesn’t mean that you have to run around cold all of the time. Take those wool leggings and under shirts.
  • Do you have a nice big coat that you do not want to leave behind?? You should wear that while you travel.

Trends in extended stay hotels

We’ve talked about cruises, we’ve talked about etiquette in the air, we’ve talked about places you might want to go, but we haven’t talked about hotels much lately. Let’s do something a little unusual and talk about extended hotels and some of their trends is.

  • It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that guests staying at these options want more healthy and green options. These hotels are now partnering with different grocery delivery services. Hotels are putting more stationary bikes in. They are providing more healthy breakfast options for you. A lot of these hotels offer twenty-four hour fitness centers, and yes, some of those centers do include pools.
  • Managers starting to have these social hours at their hotels to get to know their guests. They wanted to know what the people liked and didn’t like. Then some people started bringing food to these gatherings, and of course people would eat to save themselves some money. But it turned out that the food was not as important as gathering getting to know other people. These gatherings are now like happy hours, but they are always evolving.
  • okay, this doesn’t surprise me a bit either, but people want to make these places like their home away from home. They want to keep their sleeping space  separate from their work space. Hotels are now working on having a common living space complete with kitchen, but each person, or couple, will get a separate bedroom.

Relaxing at The beach



In this day and age where every family seems so busy. Parents always seem to be working on their careers, and then they may be pursuing some hobbies as well. And children all have school, and then they want to do sports, and they may be interested in something like dance or art as well. When do families actually spend time together? They often seem too busy to make time to be together? If you’re looking at your families’ schedule and don’t see an end to your busy craziness, you might want to pick a time and just go on vacation. Vacations help jumpstart families spending time together and enjoying it.

If this sounds really good to you, you might want to consider a fun in the sun vacation. Let’s look at some reasons why that is.

  • The big reason why this is true is that at the beach no one expects you to do much of anything. If all you want to do is to lay out and hang out, no one will judge you. Hang out with your kids. Get to know their hopes and dreams. Tell them more about yourself.
  • Beaches are used to having all kinds of visitors. Do you want to take a break from cooking? They will have all kinds of restaurants. The important thing here is to eat together, and make new memories together.
  • Rainy day? No problem? Again, they’re prepared for guests. They will have lots of shops and museums you can explore together.


A chocolate cruise

They say that there is a cruise for everyone. The latest cruise that they’re working on is for chocolate lovers. Okay, I do love chocolate, but I find myself kind of skeptical at this point. There is a chocolate festival in Italy, and whoever goes on this cruise will be attending that. Here are some other things you might look forward to.

  • Chocolate experts are going to reveal their secrets.
  • There will be chocolate and pastry making workshops you can take part in.
  • You can also take part in classes taught by chocolate artisans
  • Learn how chocolate goes with wines and other food, especially food from the Mediterranean.
  • I think it goes without saying that your menus will be infused with chocolate.
  • Your excursions are going to revolve without chocolate

Okay, it does sound kind of interesting. But I’m still not sure about this.

Luxury cruises #3

We are going to look some more at luxury cruise and what you might expect.

  • Think of these kind of cruises as extended times at a country club. Everyone is going to have their mani-pedi before starting on the cruise. everything anyone wears will be designer quality. You’ll want to wear your nicer clothes, and not your jeans and t-shirts.
  • You will want to figure out the dress code,especially when it comes to dinner. Unlike most cruises, you will be asked to Know what people are expecting,and be sure to pack several of these outfits. I don’t think they look kindly on you wearing the same things.
  • Fine dining and luxury cruises go hand in hand?. You will be experiencing some of the best cuisine wherever you eat. However, if you want to try their specialty restaurants, book your reservations as quickly as you can. They go quickly.