Never do these while flying


I think most parents have all told their children, “You should never do something like or, “You should always do this. ” Today let’s look at some of  these rules when it comes to flying.

  • Just trust me when I say that you do not want to eat anything that touches your laptray directly. Even if you do not see anything on it?they are always going to have more germs than you can imagine.
  • Don’t get drunk on an airplane. Doing that would make everyone else on the plane uncomfortable. You will also need to remember that the effects of alcohol are going to be greater at a higher altitude. Drinking also never helps with the jetlag.
  • You don’t want to drink their coffee or tea, or anything made with their water. Stick with the bottled waters and juices or canned sodas.
  • boarding a plane is always going to be a hassle, it just is. But don’t hover around the gate. That is not going to help anyone.
  • And do not try to push your way to the front of the line. Everyone is to get there at the same time. Pushing yourself to the front is just rude.

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