More things you should not on a flight

Today we are going to look at some more things that you should not do on a flight.

  • Do not sit your whole flight. Especially if you are on a super long flight, that is really not good on your body. Yes, I know that the bathrooms are not the cleanest, you still need to use them. Walk the aisles from time to time.
  • Especially in this day and age, you do not want to make jokes about airport security. They have to take things like this seriously. Making jokes could earn you some time in jail. Security agents don’t like making jokes about you having things that you shouldn’t.
  • And you don’t want to try to to hide something that you shouldn’t have. At the very least, you are going to be detained. Don’t you want to get started on your vacation? And again, you might even get some jail time.
  • Your stewardesses are there to help you, and they have experience in doing most everything. If you are starting  to feel sick, please say something. They will be able to get you medicine or something. And remember that this is their job, this is what they’re there to do.
  • Everyone takes their shoes off, ‘s understandable. But don’t take your socs off. No one wants to see your naked feet. Besides, do you want to touch anything on that plane with your bare feet?
  • Be careful, you do not want to start a new medication right before you. You might have an allergic reaction.

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