Luxury cruises #2

Okay, so you have decided to take a vacation where you will be pampered at every turn. And you’ve decided that you want to take a luxury cruise. Let’s take a look at some things you might expect when taking your cruise.

  • From the moment you step on board, someone is going to be there offering you a nice drink. Are you wanting to get your stuff into your room and everything? You will have a porter that will get all that ready for you.
  • On other cruises, they are going to want you to tip them at every turn. Luxury cruise lines actually pay their people well enough that you do not have to tip anyone. In fact, they will not look on you favorably if you do tip, because it kind of messes up their whole system.
  • On these luxury cruises, everything is already paid for. Not only that, but their wait staff is trained to see to your every need. They will notice that your drink is low and refill it. Do you want to be careful how much you drink, something everyone should do on a cruise ship? Sip your beverage slowly.
  • Luxury cruises usually have far fewer people on them. You shouldn’t be shy. Go on and make some new friends. You might be surprised how much time you will spend with  them.

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