Trends in extended stay hotels

We’ve talked about cruises, we’ve talked about etiquette in the air, we’ve talked about places you might want to go, but we haven’t talked about hotels much lately. Let’s do something a little unusual and talk about extended hotels and some of their trends is.

  • It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that guests staying at these options want more healthy and green options. These hotels are now partnering with different grocery delivery services. Hotels are putting more stationary bikes in. They are providing more healthy breakfast options for you. A lot of these hotels offer twenty-four hour fitness centers, and yes, some of those centers do include pools.
  • Managers starting to have these social hours at their hotels to get to know their guests. They wanted to know what the people liked and didn’t like. Then some people started bringing food to these gatherings, and of course people would eat to save themselves some money. But it turned out that the food was not as important as gathering getting to know other people. These gatherings are now like happy hours, but they are always evolving.
  • okay, this doesn’t surprise me a bit either, but people want to make these places like their home away from home. They want to keep their sleeping space  separate from their work space. Hotels are now working on having a common living space complete with kitchen, but each person, or couple, will get a separate bedroom.

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