More packing tips

Let’s get back to looking at some more packing tips.

  • If it is important to you to look cute when you step off of that airplane, try to get some shut eye on your flight, and wear the right clothes. You will not want to wear anything that needs to be ironed. You are also not going to want anything that takes long to help dry.
  • If some of your clothing look worse for the not travel, don’t panic. There is a simple trick you can use. Take your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and treat yourself to a hot one. Wrinkles will come out.
  • When it comes to packing light, one thing you need to remember is that no one cares what you wear on vacation. Pack clothes that will go together. No one truly cares if you wear the same things more than once. You’re on vacation, be comfortable, relax, have fun.

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