Luxury cruises #2

Okay, so you have decided to take a vacation where you will be pampered at every turn. And you’ve decided that you want to take a luxury cruise. Let’s take a look at some things you might expect when taking your cruise.

  • From the moment you step on board, someone is going to be there offering you a nice drink. Are you wanting to get your stuff into your room and everything? You will have a porter that will get all that ready for you.
  • On other cruises, they are going to want you to tip them at every turn. Luxury cruise lines actually pay their people well enough that you do not have to tip anyone. In fact, they will not look on you favorably if you do tip, because it kind of messes up their whole system.
  • On these luxury cruises, everything is already paid for. Not only that, but their wait staff is trained to see to your every need. They will notice that your drink is low and refill it. Do you want to be careful how much you drink, something everyone should do on a cruise ship? Sip your beverage slowly.
  • Luxury cruises usually have far fewer people on them. You shouldn’t be shy. Go on and make some new friends. You might be surprised how much time you will spend with  them.

Luxury cruises


Humans are very interesting creatures. I mean, we all have our basic needs, food, clothing and shelter.. But some of us are pretty much happy with anything that is set before us, while others strongly prefer the finer things in life. And that could be true in just one of these categories or all three.

Okay, why am I bringing this up this on this blog. After all, we are talking about travel and deep things of life. Well, this does apply to travel too. Some of us are happy to slum it while vacation, we just want to get a taste of in different parts of the world. We don’t mind sleeping in hostels, in fact, we rather enjoy the people that we meet when we stay to in places like that. Other people will not go anywhere unless they know that they are going to be waited on hand and foot at every turn.

Of course, not only does this apply to all types of travel, it also applies to cruises. Some people see the inexpensive cruises and think nothing could be better. Of course, they don’t know, and sometimes don’t care, that they’ll be getting low quality food, minimum service, and be nickel and dimed every time they turn around.

When go on a luxury cruise,sure you will pay more up . But you will get much better food. Get a much higher level of service. And you usually do not have to worry about paying for anything you get on board.

More things you should not on a flight

Today we are going to look at some more things that you should not do on a flight.

  • Do not sit your whole flight. Especially if you are on a super long flight, that is really not good on your body. Yes, I know that the bathrooms are not the cleanest, you still need to use them. Walk the aisles from time to time.
  • Especially in this day and age, you do not want to make jokes about airport security. They have to take things like this seriously. Making jokes could earn you some time in jail. Security agents don’t like making jokes about you having things that you shouldn’t.
  • And you don’t want to try to to hide something that you shouldn’t have. At the very least, you are going to be detained. Don’t you want to get started on your vacation? And again, you might even get some jail time.
  • Your stewardesses are there to help you, and they have experience in doing most everything. If you are starting  to feel sick, please say something. They will be able to get you medicine or something. And remember that this is their job, this is what they’re there to do.
  • Everyone takes their shoes off, ‘s understandable. But don’t take your socs off. No one wants to see your naked feet. Besides, do you want to touch anything on that plane with your bare feet?
  • Be careful, you do not want to start a new medication right before you. You might have an allergic reaction.

Never do these while flying


I think most parents have all told their children, “You should never do something like or, “You should always do this. ” Today let’s look at some of  these rules when it comes to flying.

  • Just trust me when I say that you do not want to eat anything that touches your laptray directly. Even if you do not see anything on it?they are always going to have more germs than you can imagine.
  • Don’t get drunk on an airplane. Doing that would make everyone else on the plane uncomfortable. You will also need to remember that the effects of alcohol are going to be greater at a higher altitude. Drinking also never helps with the jetlag.
  • You don’t want to drink their coffee or tea, or anything made with their water. Stick with the bottled waters and juices or canned sodas.
  • boarding a plane is always going to be a hassle, it just is. But don’t hover around the gate. That is not going to help anyone.
  • And do not try to push your way to the front of the line. Everyone is to get there at the same time. Pushing yourself to the front is just rude.

More small town destinations

What do you like to do when you are on vacation? Do you like to sit by the pool or on the beach and do a lot of reading, maybe enjoying some nice dinners? Or is your idea of vacation experiencing life in another place, going to museums, taking in in cultural events, and seeing how the locals enjoy life?

  • If you like the second more, you might want to try Galena, Illinois. This place is full of historic significance, and opportunities to do a lot of things outdoors. They also have many festivals that you might enjoy.
  • if you know you want to look at the beautiful fall leaves, you will want to visit Vermont. And the town of Manchester is a town where you can take part in things like pumpkin picking and apple picking. This is also a place where you can enjoy a lot of sports.
  • I used to live in Tennessee, and once again I wouldn’t consider Gatlinburg a small town necessarily. You are going to find a lot of outlet malls. There are several of those dinner theater shows. And they also have a lot of amusement park type things. Looking for something a little different? Cade’s Cove is a gorgeous place with a lot of a lot of animals just living life.

Some small towns that are great in the fall

Everyone wants to travel in the summer, but why? Yes, I know that most children are out of school for the summer. I also know that work tends to be a little more lax in the summer. But summers are so hot, especially In the South. And sure, hot weather is great if all you want to do is to lie around by the pool or on a beach. But fall has perfect weather for getting out and doing things. Let’s look at small towns that you might want to consider.

  • Is your idea of a perfect fall day browsing shops while you sip on hot coffee or other beverages? You might want to try Lambertville, New Jersey. They have a lot of shops  and art galleries, and a very nice riverfront as well. 
  • And if you get tired of shopping, you can always go across the river to New Hope, Pennsylvania. Here you will find a lot of historical and cultural attractions. You will find this town simply charming.
  • Civil War history buffs will absolutely love Harper’s Ferry. But besides all of the health, there are great places to hike. and a lot of places to take interesting photographs. You will also find places to enjoy their beautiful fall leaves.
  • The next place they mention is Harrisonburg, Virginia. I know this place as a smaller city that was close to the town my grandparents lived in. This is a college town, and you will find several museums here.

Disney and the holidays #2

When I was starting to write this yesterday, I had qualms about it, but didn’t know what else to write about. I have kind of been struggling with all what. to write about all week, but anyway. We are going to address my qualms first thing.

  • The thing is that it is pretty much a given that Disney is crazily busy during the summer months. And the reason for this is that most school schoolchildren are on their summer break.. And I know that some schools are doing away with the summer breaks. And while it is true that Christmas breaks are staggered, I can’t imagine anyone going to school between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Consider yourself warned if you do decide to go that week.
  • Okay, they actually have rules so that no one over fourteen can dress up. I wondered about that, but think about it, no one wants to go up to fake characters and pictures with them. That would be cheating. But everyone kind of just smiles at you when you dress up around Halloween or Christmas.
  • You don’t have to go to the actual party to enjoy special special treats. A lot of Disney’s restaurants will have holiday themed specialties.

Why go to Disney over the holidays?


What could be more magical than visiting Disney? Visiting Disney over the holiday. Today we are going to look at some reasons why that is.

  • Have you heard about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party? This is an event that runs from the middle of August to the first of November. And while you will have to pay for it, most people say that it is well worth the money, and is for both children and adults. There will be trick or treating throughout the parks. You will have special food options. But there are usually fewer crowds which will means that you will get more time on the rides.
  • Some say that the Epcot’s  International Food and Wine Festival is Disney’s best festival. And not only will you be enjoying lots of great food and wine, you will also get a lot of character meet and greets. And let’s be real, most everyone goes to Disney to meet the characters.
  • And part of this amazing festival is their Eat to the Beat concerts. Check out their schedule to see who all is playing and when.

Basics of river cruising

You have some friends that are crazy about  river cruises. They say that it’s complete different than the huge ocean cruise you see commercials for all of the time. They have convinced you go on one, but you don’t know the first thing of what to expect. Here are some things you’ll need to know.

  • The first thing that you need to know is that river cruise are much smaller, more intimate vacations. You will not be fighting thousands of people do everything. Typically you are going to find somewhere between two and five hundred guests on each river  cruise.
  • One thing this means for you is that you will be receiving a higher level of service. You’ll find that these people Will get to know your likes and dislikes. And they will be ready to serve you at any given time.
  • Most river cruises are pall inclusive in nature. Your food and most of your beverages will be covered., you’ll even get snacks. You’ll get nice toiletries in your rooms. You may even get air.
  • You’ll also be enjoying much more spacious rooms than when you go on ocean cruises.

More tips for Europe

Today we are going to look at some more tips for when you go to Europe.

  • Everyone knows that there is a lot to see in Europe The temptation is to try to see everything in one quick trip. That usually doesn’t work well for anyone. You’re probably wise to spend no fewer than four days in any one given city. Rushing around on vacation never helps anyone feel refreshed for after their vacation.
  • No one wants to stand out in a crowd. Do your research before you leave on your trip Don’t wear tank tops or short skirts to their cathedrals. And speak softly. These are just a couple of examples of etiquette that you should follow.
  •  Lunch is an important time of day among Lunch is an important time of day in Europe. They do not grab a quick bite and go. They take their time over their lunch break, and may even take a siesta. You will want to keep this in mind, and may want to take a rest during lunch as well.