More things you should not do

Let’s look at some more things that you should not do while traveling.

  • Want a lot of travel over the next little while? Don’t hesitate to make friends with a travel agent. We travel agents know the deals, we know how to get you the special perks. We can help set all your upcoming vacations. We’ll get to know your likes and dislikes so we’ll have to ask you less and less about what you want. We can also help you out when something does go wrong on you’re vacation. What is there not to like?
  • It might be smart to also get travel insurance, especially if you are going on a big trip. This insurance is relatively inexpensive, can save you a lot of money and trouble should something come up.
  • It really does not have to be complicated to get and use rewards. You are rewarded when you use the same hotel brand or airline. So choose brands that you like and use them whenever you travel. It is kind of dumb not to do this.
  • I know that it is vacation and that you want to enjoy. no one wants to come home to a lot of debt. Make a budget for when you are on vacation and stick with it.
  • Make a list and check it twice, [sorry, just started listening to Christmas music today], to make sure that you have everything that you need. You do not want to forget anything like important papers that you might need.
  • Don’t be that tourist that goes somewhere and knows nothing of the culture where you are going Get to know the place before you even leave.

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