Cruises for 2020

I know it is early to think about resolutions. I am listening to Christmas music. But as my sister pointed out earlier it’s Thanksgiving season and not even the Christmas season yet. However it is great to start planning your cruises e, so let’s take a look at some more cruises.  

  • If you dream of going to the Mediterranean this time next year, you might want to consider MSC cruises. You are going to see Italy, France and Spain in five days. And you can do this for under three hundred dollars. Does this sound like too short a vacation? Stay in Europe before or after your cruise.
  • MSC is higher class than Carnival for sure, but if you are looking for true luxury, you will want to try Costa. Again on their cruises you will be exploring places on the Mediterranean, but their cruises at the beginning to of the year instead of the end.
  • Or is the Mexican Riveria more to your liking? Holland America is going to be doing cruises there this spring. This would be the perfect thing for spring . And you are going to pay around seven hundred for a cruise.
  • Does the thought of a cruise scare you because you don’t want to get out of your welness routine? Try AmaWater ways. They are expanding their wellness programs. And they will be going to Southeast as

It is not too late to take a cruise


It is not too late to plan and take a cruise Let’s look at some that just might work.

  • Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas coming to Fort Lauderdale in 2020. Book their inaugural cruise which will take place in the fall You will get to enjoy a day on their private island CocoCay.
  • Do you dream of going on a luxury cruise to exotic places? You might want to check out Paul Gauguin cruises. They have longer itiif you are interested in something like that. And they go to places like Fiji and the Solomon Island.
  • And Disney, how could we forget Disney cruises. I hear that Disney never has to offer any kind of deal to get their ships full. They’re always taking ships anthey cruise. And they’re cruising Hawaii in 2020. I hear that a cruise is a fantastic way to see Hawaii.
  • Are you wanting to try a river cruise? You might want to consider Uniworld. They are going to do Germany in 2020. And Uniworld is another luxury line.

Traveling for women


Women these days like to travel. That is no secret. It is also no secret that women are doing more and traveling on their own They may be married and have children, but children does grow up. And sometimes men do not decide to retire early. Women feel freer to travel on their own. And while some women love the freedom of solo travel , but some women aren’t comfortable going completely on their own.

Maybe you are a woman looking to do some more traveling, checking some more items off of their bucket list. Your husband isn’t as interested in these travels as you. You’ve asked your children or friends to join you, but no one in your circle can make the time to go. You might want to consider the group called Women Traveling.

This group takes groups of fourteen to eighteen women, and these groups go on trips together. Each group will have a leader who will  handle all the logistics. There will be free time you can do whatever you want. Know you want to do things on your own, but not sure what you would like to do? Great, your leader is going to have ideas for you.

And more things you should not do

Let’s look at some more things that we should not do while traveling.

  • Everyone knows that jetlag is a real thing, even if you have never traveled. But tare things you can do that can help minimize >effects. You can take supplements. And sleeping on the airplane usually will not hurt anything.
  • Don’t leave home without calling your phone provider and figuring out exactly what your plan does and does not cover. This will help you decide whether to bring it or leave it behind.
  • Countries are all different. That’s why we travel, isn’t it? But remember that like countries are different, so is the way we plug in. Take an adapter if you are going to bring a laptop that needs to charge or anything like that.
  • I’m sorry, but not all people are good. Going to another country, especially if the people are poorer, pick pockets are something you need to be careful of.. Keep money and important papers on your body at all times.


More things you should not do

Let’s look at some more things that you should not do while traveling.

  • Want a lot of travel over the next little while? Don’t hesitate to make friends with a travel agent. We travel agents know the deals, we know how to get you the special perks. We can help set all your upcoming vacations. We’ll get to know your likes and dislikes so we’ll have to ask you less and less about what you want. We can also help you out when something does go wrong on you’re vacation. What is there not to like?
  • It might be smart to also get travel insurance, especially if you are going on a big trip. This insurance is relatively inexpensive, can save you a lot of money and trouble should something come up.
  • It really does not have to be complicated to get and use rewards. You are rewarded when you use the same hotel brand or airline. So choose brands that you like and use them whenever you travel. It is kind of dumb not to do this.
  • I know that it is vacation and that you want to enjoy. no one wants to come home to a lot of debt. Make a budget for when you are on vacation and stick with it.
  • Make a list and check it twice, [sorry, just started listening to Christmas music today], to make sure that you have everything that you need. You do not want to forget anything like important papers that you might need.
  • Don’t be that tourist that goes somewhere and knows nothing of the culture where you are going Get to know the place before you even leave.

Things you should not do

There are things you should do, and then there are things you should not do. Today we are going to look at things you really should not do.

  • Try to do as the TSA says. Look up the things you have questions about?. Dto get held up at the airport? I don’t think so.
  • Do you fly often? You should really look into TSA’s pre check. It is going to save you a lot of time.
  • Make sure to select your seat. You are going to get stuck where you do not want to be if you do not do this.. It takes only a little time to do this and can be so worth it.

Preparing for holiday travel

We kind of started this discussion yesterday when we talked about some holiday travel trends. Since a lot of us will be traveling during this time, let’s go over some tips that might help.

  • I know we’ve been over this before, but can you go earlier or arrive later? Most people will want to fly Wednesday night or Thursday morning, so this is the time you want to avoid.
  • Yes, I know that sometimes it is more cost effective when you have multiple layovers, but that is usually not a good idea during the holidays. The more layovers you have, the more problems you may have.
  • You will also want to pack light. Go on and have your gifts and things like that shipped before you. You will not want to mess with all of that as you you travel.

Holiday travel trends

I’m sorry, but I’m not much for Halloween. I have some awful cute nephews and nieces who dressed up yesterday. Otherwise, I glad to have that day behind us, moving on to bigger and better holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas and the whole holiday season. Let’s look at some statistics today.

  • The most wonderful time of year is a time that most  Americans do save vacation time for. Almost seventy percent of us are planning to take some vacation time around the holidays And a good number of these people plan to be gone more than six days.
  • Of those who are traveling, about half are going home to be with family and friends. The other half will be going to other places.
  • It is also to be noted that about two thirds of the people plan to drive to their destinations. Be prepared for busier than usual roads.