Cheap flights for 2020

Yeah, I decided at the last minute to take the whole week off last week. Monday I was not feeling like working, and I knew that our holiday festivities were starting on Tuesday. And this week I’m not sure what all is going to happen. I am going to try my best to work, but we will see what happens.

A lot of things are fairly flexible when it comes to how much you spend on your travel. You can decide on how nice a hotel you stay in, and choose what you do or where you eat. But the one thing you don’t get as much choice on is your air fare. Today we are going to look at some places where you are going to get a good deal on the flights.

  • It looks like that if you can get to either Los Angeles or Miami, you will be able to get to Buenes Aires pretty cheaply. In Argentina you are going to find great food and great entertainment.
  • Or who wouldn’t want to go to Japan? Talk about popular food And aren’t you interested in seeing where most of our electronics come from? They are going to make cheap air available for most Americans, right in time for the Olympics.
  • You might be surprised by what a popular place Africa is becoming. And yes with its growing popularity, comfortable lodging is getting easier to find. Those who love big animals will love to know that you can find cheap flights to Nairobe.
  • Have you ever dreamed of going to Hawaii? 2020 might be your year. It will be relatively low inexpensive to fly to the state known as paradise this coming year. And you will find something to do for everyone.

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