Where you should go for Christmas

I think I should have a couple of normal weeks coming up, but we shall see what happens.

Today we are going to return to the discussion on where you should go for Christmas.

  • It looks like Hot Springs, Arkansas has this country’s first resort. Not only is it the first American resort, they are going to light it up for Christmas. They will also have a parade.
  • I know that to a lot of people want to go to Europe for Christmas, but that can get down right expensive. Your next best bet would be to go to Solvang, California. Here you can experience a Danish Christmas. Enjoy their nativity plays and lots of good food.
  • Go anywhere in Colorado, and you are likely to have a white Christmas. But going to Georgetown will also enable you to  enjoy their Christmas markets. They are celebrating their sixtieth year of doing this.
  • Mystic, Connecticut will also be celebrating a big anniversary this year. It will be their fortieth. They will be celebrating with a traveling play and will take you back to the time of Dickens.

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