Party like it’s 2020

Is it just me, or does it feel like we just celebrated coming into 2000, y2k and all of that. How can it be truly be twenty years later? But anyway, it is, and if you are looking for a place to party, here are some suggestions.

  • Are you looking for a place to celebrate that should have snow, just in case you don’t get your white Christmas? You might want to try Portland, Oregon. There will also be lots of entertainment, and of course, great food to be had.
  • Cincinnati doesn’t stand out in one particular area. But they should have several different entertainment options for you, as well as some good food. And it’s also fairly inexpensive to get to.
  • Austin, Texas is another place that is recommended. This place is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. And it is also known to be a great place for foodies.
  • Or you might just be looking for a place  that is easy to get to and affordable. If that’s you, look no further than Scottdale, Arizona. This is an up and coming destination. There will be dinners and parties you can go to.

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