More cruise tips for honeymooners

Let’s get back to our tips for honeymooners who wants to go on a cruise.

  • You are going to have to eat at some point during the cruise. Most cruises are going those huge buffets. That’s the least expensive way to eat. But usually the tables seat twelve at least. Do you want to spend your honeymoon getting to know twelve strangers? Talk to a waiter. Someone should able to get you a table for a two somewhere out the way. Going to a specialty restaurant is going to offer better food and some more privacy. Ana lot of cruises offer room service at no additional charge.
  • This is your honeymoon. And one of the most important things to a lot of honeymooners is privacy. Many cruises are going to have adults only areas. Want even more privacy? Pay to be in the exclusive section.
  • Cruises like honeymooners, and often they will give you special perks. This may income champagne when you come on board. Or you may get breakfast in bed one morning.

Honeymoon cruise tips

You are working on planning your dream wedding, and you have a thousand and one details to overs. Your honeymoon? You don’t especially care about that. It’s going to be a trip with the one you love after all the stress, that’s all you really care about. But if you’re considering going on a cruise for your honeymoon, there are some things that you might want to take into consideration. Better yet, send this to future husband, and let him worry about it.

  • Do something that makes sense for you as a couple. Yeah, saying that you went on an European cruise sounds so impressive, but do you really want to spend all of that money you’re like likely going to spend most the time relaxing on the ship? Do you want to give your friends #fomo that badly? A lot of cruises go to Caribbean, and you can find these cruises inexpensive. That way, if you don’t get off the ship much, you won’t feel badly about paying all that money.
  • This is your honeymoon, so it’s kind of an once in a lifetime experience. Most couples decide to do some splurging on this trip. And one thing you might consider splurging on is your room. An inside room is the least expensive way to go, but that is probably not the thing you’ll want to do on your honeymoon. Get a nicer room.
  • Everyone is doing these Gofundme things, why not do that so that you won’t have to worry about money on your special trip? People always want to do special things for newly married couples. If you have already been out on your own for a while, this is a great alternative.

How to get over jet lag #2

Today let’s get back to our discussion about jet lag and how to beat it.

  • I know that enjoying some adult beverages is part of the vacation experience. But alcohol dehydrates instead of hydrates. And hydrating is what you need to do in order to fight this jet lag.
  • And speaking of hydrating, you do not want to drink coffee or highly caffeinated sodas. Drinking that these will mess up your sleep. And that’s really the last thing that you want to do.
  • Taking sleeping pills so you can sleep during your flight will not help. You are only going to feel worse when you do wake up. And it will do nothing to help you to get into a natural sleeping rhythm you need to be in for your trip.
  • set your watch to the time of your destination once you get on that plane. This will help you get your mind heading in that direction. Don’t do that beforehand or you might miss your flight
  • If you want to go all out, try eating your meals when you would when you’re at your destination. And yes, that might mean eating cereal at midnight?. Some people do that anyway, right?

How to get over jet lag

You might not be able to guess where the inspiration for this blog post came from.. I am feeling better each day. But let’s look at some tips that might help you combat jet lag your next trip.

  • Being busy the last few day before you leave is not going to help anything. Try to relax your pace before you leave. Don’t stress if one or two projects at work don’t get fully accomplished. Let yourself get into that vacation spirit. Eating at different times will not hurt you either.
  • I know you will be excited about your trip I know you will have a thousand details on your mind. But try your best to get a good night’s sleep the night before you leave. Go to bed early. Relax.
  • Sometimes flying through the night is preferable because you can sleep on the way and then be ready to do stuff once you are the. Trying to get to your destination during daylight hours always helps. Seeing the sun will make you want run and play.
  • You might want to stop somewhere in between. This will help you adjust better. It is also likely to save you money.

Why use a travel agent?

Today we are going to talk about some reasons you should use a travel agent.

  • The first one is a big one considering that they say that time is money. Travel agents can do all of your travel research for you. They can help make sure you get the most bang for your buck. This is also what we travel agents do for a living, so we know what we are doing. What we need from you is to know exactly what you want and what’s most important to you.
  • We also know the best times to go to certain places. Take Disney as an example. You used do not want to go around holiday time or in the . That is when everyone else goes. We can also help you figure out when the weather should be nice when you go and things like that.
  • we can also help you get all those free perks everyone is crazy about. Are you going on your honey moon? You should definitely get some perks. Going as a group should also get you some perks.

My trip

I think this may have been my favorite trip. I met so many wonderful people on this trip.. Anyway, Mom and I headed out Tuesday afternoon. Flying out is not my favorite thing to do. We did get to Israel. A lady who was to be our personal helper met us at the airport. She took us to our hotel. Met a couple of my fellow students. Got settled in our hotel room. Dinner at the hotel was fun. They had a huge buffet with all kinds of food. We had a meeting that night, but I was worn out and don’t remember much.

Thursday was our day in Jerusalem, I think that might have been my favorite. Love the Old City. It is not ADA friendly at all, so different guys would help our. One of the teachers kind of put himself in charge of helping me, he was around all day, and would tell the others how to help. We saw the Mount of Olives, and the Wailing Wall. We saw some stuff at the City of David and some temple ruins. I did not have my communication device on a lot of the day, but still felt very included in everything. The little group I know best kept cutting up. That evening was another dinner at the hotel. One of my fellow students helped me eat. She works with the disabled. That evening we didn’t do anything except visit.

Friday we went around to different borders, listening to different men talk about their experiences. It was interesting for sure.. Friday night we were at another hotel. Again there was a very nice dinner, and we had a meeting. Saturday morning there was another meeting and then we did some more touring of different places. That night was another dinner and a meeting.

Sunday morning was our graduation ceremony. Our main teacher asked me to speak at the ceremony. And my helper and I kind of got silly on him. We drove to another hotel where our next thing, a conference, was being held. I visited with different people. My friend who works with disabled people wasn’t staying at the hotel, so another fellow student ate most the meals with Mom and I. The conference started that evening.

Monday was busy. The conference meetings were morning, noon and night. Several different people would speak at each meeting. And then our friend who works with the disabled had her boss there, and they decided they wanted to do a video of me. We were working on that when the conference was on break. It was kind of crazy, busy for sure. On top of that, my teacher asked me to say something for that. Loved getting to relax with a friend that night. Tuesday was a lot like Monday, going between meetings and the video stuff. And Wednesday was good-bye day. Think I enjoyed that least.

Where would you go in the US?

I don’t think I am going to be around much the next two weeks. I think, I hope, after this I should be around for a while.

Where would you go if you were going to play tourist in this our fair country? Today we are going to look at some suggestions that might help you decide.

  • They say that the beginning is a very good place to start. Why not start with Philadelphia where our Forefathers made a lot of the decisions about what this country would be like. Not only is there a lot of history to be found here you can also see a lot of great art. And this is also a fantastic place for foodies.
  • Or are you looking for somewhere more off the beaten path? You might want to try Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here you will find a lot of art galleries, surely some will catch your interest. This is also a great place to be outdoors.
  • Do you want somewhere where you can feel the Southern charm. Go to Savannah. You might want to explore their rich history. You will also love their food

Why book spring break travel now

Yes. You feel like you just now getting back to your normal routine after all the craziness of the holidays and all the travel and everything. But booking travel travel early is always a good idea. And here are a few reasons why.

  • Everyone and their brother wants to go on vacation during spring break. Booking now will ensure and your family will get the place that yo. This is true whether you are dreaming of going to a resort or condo.
  • Booking now will also ensure that you get the very best price. Hots and places like that know that you will want to go on vacation during this. And they’re there to make money.

More ways to fly cheaper

Are you getting that bug to go somewhere, anywhere? Read on for some more tips to save on air.

  • It is a good idea to remember that your time in the airport and the air is not your main destination. As plush as the nicer seats look, you are going to save a lot if you fly the economy class. You can always relax when you get there.
  • How many e-mails do you get each day? Surely it would not hurt you to sign up for a few more.Airlines will send you their newsletters, and sometimes they will include real deals.
  • And like are many other businesses days, a lot of airlines are now on social media. So be are sure to follow them, like them, and do whatever else you do. You are likely to run across some that way as well.
  • Everyone else wants to fly over the weekend… Flying on a Monday or Tuesday is going to save you more than you might think.
  • not You might be surprised at how much you might be able to save when you look at flying out of more than one airport. Sure, you might have to drive a little farther, but it could be well worth it.

More about saving on airfare

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to save on airfare.

  • Sometimes you get to the point where you do not care where you go, you just want to go somewhere, anywhere else. That is a good place to be., because sometimes you can get a great deal on one place and noon another. You may want to create a bucket list, or is that too nineties for you? Any, know places you want to go, and start marking them off. Airfare is going to be one of your bigger expenses anyway.
  • It is always a good idea to travel when no one else wants to.. Can you go somewhere when kids are in school? Maybe you are still unmarried. Or maybe your parents are wanting some time with their grandchildren. Flying when school should be in session should be less expensive most of time. Travel is usually a lot more fun when you go with someone you love. A lot of these “Sky Miles” programs allow you to bring along a companion at a reduced rate.
  • I know you want to save money?. But if you are going with a discount airline, you will want to be sure to read everything. You will likely have to pay for bags your checked bags, and who knows what else.