More family vacations you should take

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to take more vacations as a family? I would love to help you plan something. If you are interested in my help, please let me know at

  • If you are looking for a place with a wide array of activities for families to do together, you might want to try Dallas, Texas. They have a great art museum. They also have an aquarium that your family will love. History loving families will wto see the place where JFK was shot. They also have a lot of great restaurants you and your family can enjoy.
  • You might not believe this, but going on a cruise can actually be fairly inexpensive. MSC has opened a new private island. And you could go on a cruise to this private island for around hundred per person. And remember, most everything you could want will be included in that price.
  • You might also be surprised by how much it will cost you to go to enjoy a week at an all inclusive resort. And again, most everything you want is included in that one price. Most resorts will have some kind of childcare program so that you your spouse can enjoy some time just the two of you.

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