More facts about cruising

Let’s continue our discussion about cruising.

  • Is cruising going to a resort? Well, yes and no, most of the cruise ships are going to have a lot of the same comforts as a resort would. They even have the big shows and casinos. but you have to remember that this is a ship. The ship’s crew can choose to reroute you at any time because of bad weather or something like that.
  • Isn’t cruising for either newlyweds or nearly dead? Again, this used to be true, but isn’t the case anymore. Cruises are doing more and more to cater to families. A lot of ships are going to have kid’s clubs where you can leave your children. They also have a lot of activities families can do together.
  • Am I going to get sick on a cruise? Most people will have no problems getting seasick on a cruise. The ships are usually big enough that you do not feel a thing. And as far as any illness on the ship, keep washing your hands and be pretty careful with germs.

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