More about saving on airfare

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to save on airfare.

  • Sometimes you get to the point where you do not care where you go, you just want to go somewhere, anywhere else. That is a good place to be., because sometimes you can get a great deal on one place and noon another. You may want to create a bucket list, or is that too nineties for you? Any, know places you want to go, and start marking them off. Airfare is going to be one of your bigger expenses anyway.
  • It is always a good idea to travel when no one else wants to.. Can you go somewhere when kids are in school? Maybe you are still unmarried. Or maybe your parents are wanting some time with their grandchildren. Flying when school should be in session should be less expensive most of time. Travel is usually a lot more fun when you go with someone you love. A lot of these “Sky Miles” programs allow you to bring along a companion at a reduced rate.
  • I know you want to save money?. But if you are going with a discount airline, you will want to be sure to read everything. You will likely have to pay for bags your checked bags, and who knows what else.

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