How to get over jet lag

You might not be able to guess where the inspiration for this blog post came from.. I am feeling better each day. But let’s look at some tips that might help you combat jet lag your next trip.

  • Being busy the last few day before you leave is not going to help anything. Try to relax your pace before you leave. Don’t stress if one or two projects at work don’t get fully accomplished. Let yourself get into that vacation spirit. Eating at different times will not hurt you either.
  • I know you will be excited about your trip I know you will have a thousand details on your mind. But try your best to get a good night’s sleep the night before you leave. Go to bed early. Relax.
  • Sometimes flying through the night is preferable because you can sleep on the way and then be ready to do stuff once you are the. Trying to get to your destination during daylight hours always helps. Seeing the sun will make you want run and play.
  • You might want to stop somewhere in between. This will help you adjust better. It is also likely to save you money.

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